Chinese Rip Off Rundown


With the recent expulsion of Golden Horse from IAAPA and a whole host of new Chinese ripoff coasters popping up in 2012 I thought it would be interesting to see exactly where this trend might lead over the next few years.

So I’ve trawled through a few Chinese manufacturer sites to see who is next in line to have their designs stolenmurdered by the multitude of companies out there.

I have already extensively covered the SLC ripoffs that started to appear a few years ago in <a href=””>this article</a> and we all know about the insane number of spinning &amp; inverted wild mice already built in China. So in this post I will be sticking to the other types of ride we have’t seen so much recently.


Golden Horse

Golden Horse were one of the first on the scene with their SLC ripoffs at the Fantawild parks, Unlike most of the other companies they didn’t just ripoff the track style they copied the layout of the Kumali style Vekoma SLC’s exactly. but why stop there? In fact why not go a little bigger and try and ripoff B&M.


Hebei Zhongye Metallurgical Equipment Manufacturing

The company with the longest name in the coaster world (probably) is known for its smaller looping coasters prevalent across China, these tend to take standard loopscrew formats but in 2012 it was announced they would build an 11 looping coaster at Jinling Happy World. The ride may not be a direct clone (there’s a whole extra loop) but it looks awfully similar to the Intamin rides at Thorpe Park and Chimelong Paradise.



Beijing Jiuhua Amusement Rides Manufacturing

Being a smaller company that the ones above hasn’t stopped BJA having a go at the Vekoma Motorbike design seen at Toverland and Chimelong Paradise.


Beijing Shibaolai Amusement Equipment

Another company famed for their knock off SLCs has branched out a bit recently with a whole host of new rides for sale. They’ve recently completed a clone of Maurers Skyloop coasters at Jangfu Park but perhaps most worryingly they now offer a cloned B&amp;M Dive Machine. These guys it seems will try and sell you pretty much anything.



In conclusion it dosn’t look like the trend of Chinese companies ripping off other rides will end any time soon, even the recent court order against Golden Horse by Zamperla is unlikely to have much effect. I must admit I’m curious to see how exactly the Chinese companies would cope with building a ride on the scale of Shiekra and judging by the BSA and Golden Horse offerings we may not have long to wait.

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