Theme Park’s In Iraq.


Note: This article was originally written in February 2014

Iraq is a country many of us wouldn’t really associate with theme parks but in recent years the area has seen a bit of a theme park boom. Especially in the South Kurdistan area towards the North of the country.

I did a little research into parks in the area and found that there have been several new coasters which have opened in the last few years. Below is a short run down of the main parks.

Dream City- Duhok

Perhaps the leader for parks in the country, Dream City recently built a huge Ferris wheel as their center piece and in 2010 installed a clone of Drayton Manor’s X-Car coaster G-Force.

Source: Kurdistanskyscrapers and Skyscraperpage

Chavi Land – Sulaymaniyah

The amusingly named (For the British anyway) Chavi Land is a more recent park which has opened up in South Kurdistan and features a new quad looping  coaster with an impressive after dark light scheme.

Sources: ShaafaqFpostsKurdistanskyscrapers & Awene

Majidi Land – Erbil

Another new theme park in South Kurdistan this park has built a triple looping coaster. The park has 3 other coasters due to open including a big apple, wild mouse and mine train style coaster. I don’t believe it is actually open yet but is due to open early 2014. There’s a few names floating around for this park including Lona Park.

Source: Kurdistanskyscrapers

Family Fun – Erbil

Another park in Erbil bought a custom Vekoma roller skater from the Tatilya in Turkey. The ride used to be an indoor park coaster hence its high stretched out layout. The park has also added a single inversion coaster and a small big apple style ride to go with it.

Source: Panoramio and Panoramio

Fun City – Kirkuk

Another small park this  one is home to a small galaxi style coaster. This ride comes from Sweden and used to be at Ölands Djur och Nöjespark as Afrika Expressen. Thanks for Loefet at TPR for pointing that out.

Skyscrapercity & Ataleoftwocities

Family Fun – Duhok

Currently under construction and due to open 2015 in Duhok the latest Family Fun park is set to open a Boomerang coaster moved from Karolinelund in Denmark. It appears the coaster is already on site and constructed.

Source: Kurdistanskyscrapers

Azadi Parki – Silêmanî

Yet another small city park with a coaster. This one appears to be a small pinfari style looper. It is know a park in Tikrit had a ride similar to this and it seems to be MIA so it could be this one. Check the source for an on-ride video of the coaster.

Source: youtube & flickr

Pank Resort – Rawanduz

Featured in the British motoring show Top Gear, the Pank Resort isn’t home to any traditional roller coaster but does feature a stunning Alpine Coaster which traverses the side of a mountain down to a massive canyon. Watch the youtube video in the source links for an on-ride.

Source: youtubeArthur in Iraq & Dr. Sanad Al-Khashab

This is certainly not the end of coasters in Iraq. Al Zawra’a Dream Park in Baghdad is currently expected to add a Vekoma SLC this year which will be the tallest and fastest ride in the country as well as featuring the most number of inversions.

I’ve tried to make the info in this post as accurate as possible but if there are inaccuracies then please let me know.

A British coaster geek who also happens to be a travel geek with a particular fascination in East Asian culture and cuisine.

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