Happy Valley Shanghai – Trip Report – October 2014


Happy Valley Shanghai was my last park on this leg of the trip and It’s one I’ve visited before. The park is easy to get to and can be reached on the Shanghai Metro Line 9. There is a shuttle bus from the park that leaves from outside Sheshan station (You have to cross over the foot bridge to the other side of the road) and the bus takes about  5 minutes to reach the park entrance.

Shanghai’s Happy Valley is one of the best in the chain and is truely colossal in size. The ride line up is also second to none with a B&M Dive Machine. Intamin Mega Lite and Gravity Group Wooden Coaster just to start things off. But the real reason for my second visit here was the brand new and unique B&M family suspended coaster. Some people might say B&M have been in the practice of building family rides for some time but this is the first one advertised as such and using a new track and train system.

The track is smaller than traditional B&M track and uses new 2 across trains not seen on any B&M so far. This is in stark contrast to the huge track used on the Dive Machine on the other side of the park. The Dive Machine was closed on this visit but as I’ve ridden it before it wasn’t too much of a let down.

The Mega Lite and Fireball are both world class rides and Fireball especially is an incredible ride. Arguably one of the best wooden coasters in the world Happy Valley have managed to keep it running smoothly and it seemed to be running even better than my visit 3 years previously.

The new kids area is excellent and themed to an undersea world which fits in well with the indoor area behind the suspended coaster. There are new jumping fountains and a selection of new flat rides to go with the coaster and it was easily the busiest area of the park today.

Another ride of note is the parks Intamin mine train. A rare ride in itself it is miles ahead of any other mine train in China with a much better more intense layout and excellent themeing to go with it. The only downside of this park is due to its size the themeing doesn’t always feel as cohesive and as connected as it does at some of the smaller Happy Valleys. But when the park is this good its only a minor niggle.

If you happen to be in Shanghai then this park has to be worth a visit. And will provide a nice accompaniment to the up and coming Shanghai Disney providing a solid collection of thrilling coasters to go with Disney’s more family orientated park.

A British coaster geek who also happens to be a travel geek with a particular fascination in East Asian culture and cuisine.

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  1. DO you live in China? what part? I am a ACE American living abroad in Shanghai. Follow up with me… I want to get around and see some parks maybe you have suggestions etc. My visit to China parks has not always been the best. Rude people/long waits/eating KFC and smoking in line lol. Spitting everywhere…you know mainland China lol

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