Happy Valley Tianjin – Trip Report – October 2014


Happy Valley Tianjin is the newest of the current batch of Happy Valley parks and is situated about just outside of the city of Tianjin. Tianjin itself is around 30 minutes on the bullet train South of Beijing so for those staying in the capital it is an easy day trip down to the park.

I’ve visited 5 Happy Valley parks and in my opinion Tianjin is easily the most cohesive park in terms of themeing. It’s by far the smallest park of the lot and most of it can be found in a giant dome but the ride line up is solid and the themeing is on the whole excellent.

The main draw for people will be the new M&V/Gravity Group wooden roller coaster called Flying Fjord dragon which opened in 2013. While not as strong a ride as Fireball at the Shanghai park it does provide a ton of airtime and a layout that never lets up. There is a bit of roughness in the first turn around but Happy Valley seem to know how too look after their wooden coasters so it shouldn’t get out of hand.

The other western coaster here is the S&S built El Loco called Crazy Bird. If you’ve ridden any other El Loco then you know what to expect and this one doesn’t disappoint. It’s a shame it has the smaller cars but the ride’s decent and it fits in nicely with the surrounding rain forest theme.

There is also a large Golden Horse built mine train here which spends almost it’s entire layout within a giant Volcano. With just a short section running through the dome over the top of the splash boat and ride entrance path. The ride has a custom Chinese built layout and is bizarrely excellent. The ride is very smooth and contains some good forces for a mine train. The Volcanic finale is also a nice tough with the ride’s final helix wrapping around a lit up lava pool.

Other rides here include an indoor splash boat ride which draws quite a crowd, A small children’s coaster, a multitude of flat rides and a indoor drop tower (which was sadly closed on my visit).

Overall I’d rate this as the best of the Happy Valley parks, Just ahead of Shanghai. The ride lineup isn’t anywhere near as complete as Shanghai’s but as a package the park feels solid and well done. There is also a adjacent indoor water park which should provide year round fun for families.

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