Happy Valley Wuhan – Trip Report – October 2014


My third Happy Valley of the trip was a new one for me as well. Happy Valley Wuhan is one of the newest in the chain and had a selection of rides I was really looking forwards to.

Located 5 minutes from the east train station by taxi or 15 minute walk from the metro the park is easy to get to on public transport and the S&S launched coaster is easy to spot from miles away. I happened to be staying at the parks on site hotel called the Maya Playa Hotel which sits to the left of the main park entrance and over the entrance to the water park. The hotel itself is a decent enough hotel but lacks a bit in amenities. but when you have a full sized water park outside you can forgive the lack of a separate pool.

As for the park itself when you walk in you can’t miss the enormous S&S Launched coaster on the left hand side. I’d ridden the mirrored clone of this in the Shenzhen Park and thought it was one of the best rides in the country. The Wuhan version is a little rougher but still an excellent ride. It’s a little on the short side but packs a lot into its out and back layout.

Just over the way is a Golden Horse mine train oddly themed to racing trucks which is unfortunately pretty poor. The themeing doesn’t really work for the ride type and while the ride itself is like any other knock off mine train in China and rideable enough the whole package feels a bit of a let down compared to the better themed ones in Beijing, Tianjin and Shenzhen.

The parks smallest coaster is actually another launched ride this time from Maurer Shone. This small X-Car is a lovely little ride with 6 person single car trains and a layout of weird and wonderful inversions and transitions. It would be a great starter coaster for those too young to ride it’s bigger brother over the way.

The big disappointment of the day came when I found both sides of the M&V/Gravity Group wooden coaster Dauling Dragons were closed. The park is famous for only running one side at a time anyway and negating the point of having a dueling coaster in the first place. But to find both sides of what is rated by many as a top 10 wooden coaster was gutting to say the least.

The final coaster here is another Maurer X-Car but this time in the guise of their popular sky loop rides. The ride itself was a good example of the model and pretty intense. I felt it ran a little slower than the same model at Zhengzhou’s Fantawild but it’s still a great ride. The ride ops here were making everyone do the famous Happy Valley stretches and exercises before getting on which is always amusing to watch.

Other rides in the park include a Giant Frisbee which unfortunately pales in comparison to the Intamin version in Shanghai and a pair of duel shot towers from S&S. There’s also a large splash down ride which draws a good crowd as always in China.

Overall I felt this was one of the weaker Happy Valley parks although the closure of the wooden coasters didn’t help. But it’s still a great park and worthy of a visit if you can make it.

A British coaster geek who also happens to be a travel geek with a particular fascination in East Asian culture and cuisine.

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