Happy Valley Beijing – Trip Report – October 2014


This was the second Happy Valley of the trip as I had visited the Tianjin park earlier. And as I had visited Tianjin as a day trip I was still based in Beijing, The location of the second Happy Valley ever built, The park is currently a bit annoying to get to as the nearest metro station Jinsong is about a 40 min walk from the park, However it was a lovely day so I took the opportunity to enjoy the weather and ambled my way to the park entrance.

Of course with Beijing’s ever expanding metro by the time you read this Line 7 may be open (due to open before the end of 2014 and currently testing) which includes a handy station right outside the Happy Valley gates.

This may have been my 2nd Happy Valley park of the trip but it was my 4th overall and I liked it a lot. It’s not as cohesive as Tianjin which is a shame but it is smaller than both Shanghai and Shenzhen and requires a bit less walking. The main attraction here for me was Extreme Rusher the S&S launched coaster. Bullet Coaster in Shenzhen was one of my favourite coasters of my trip last year and I was interested to see how the other layout holds up. In short it’s a great ride although I prefer the Shenzhen and Wuhan versions. The launch is excellent on all 3 and they’ve quickly become some of my favourite coasters anywhere. The layout on this one just felt a little less varied than the others.

Golden Wings the B&M flyer was also excellent and confirmed Pretzel loops as my favourite elements on any coaster. The SLC was a welcome step up from the knock off across the city. I quite like this layout and when it’s done well it’s a good ride. I especially liked the Himalayan queue themeing. The mine train was a standard Vekoma affair but perfectly rideable.

New for 2014 the park has added an undersea themed indoor area including an Air Race, 3D cinema and a number of other flats. They have also added a new boat ride similar to Small World at Disney.

For those who are wondering, The spinning mouse looks like it is now SBNO and has been removed from the park map.

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