Seoul Land – Trip Report – November 2012


Seoul Land is a very strange park. Located (Obviously) just outside of the South Korean capital Seoul the park opened in 1987 to coincide with the Olympics in 1988.

The problem is the park doesn’t seem to have changed much since then. With parks like Everland and Lotte World within easy reach its a bit of a wonder it survives at all. Having said that the park isn’t bad per say just not very modern.

The main coasters here are two Meisho built rides which have operated almost since the beginning. The striking Double Loop opened with the park and features two back to back vertical loops one of which is threaded by the return run track. The ride is pretty rough but its rideable enough and looks great from the surrounding paths. The other major coaster ins Black Hole 2000 which was built in 1990 and features a bizarre elongated meandering layout and two corkscrews high above the crowds below. It’s certainly not a great ride and I might only just stretch to good, but it is an interesting one and worth the ride for that alone.

The parks wild mouse uses large arrow style track too and provides and a decent enough ride while there are also two small kiddie coasters on site. As it was well below 0 degrees Celsius when i visited the water rides were closed but the parks shooting dark ride called Den Of Thieves is a highlight. They also had a number of snow based attractions for the winter punters.

The park itself is located in a far larger green park with a massive lake and plenty of hiking trails which may go some way to explain its continued popularity. And while I wouldn’t go out of my way to revisit the park I would recommend it if you have a spare day in Seoul and have already been to Lotte World and Everland.

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