Fantawild Zhengzhou – Trip Report – October 2014


This was my first Fantawild and I actually really liked it.

The park itself is located about 40 mins East from the center and unfortunately there is no regular bus service. I got my hotel to phone up for a taxi and paid about $8 to get there.

Fantawild Adventure is currently the only park on the site but they have just finished building a Water Park and Fantawild Dream Land is due to open as the 2nd gate next year.

Anyone who’s seen a Fantawild before will know they are known for their good themeing but tend to have poor knock off coasters. Thankfully this park had ditched the knock off SLC in favour of a real boomerang and sky loop combo. The park does have excellent themeing and although not up to Disney and Universal standards it is much better than your average park anywhere else in the world. The themeing also seems to be more uniform than the majority of Happy Valley parks.

Fantawilds also have a ton of dark rides. There were some pretty good ones here in a variety of styles. Again not up to Disney or Universal standards but all pretty good when taken in context. The dinosaur themed spider man style ride was a good example. The general idea was great and the themeing was very good but the ride just lacked the polish of its western counterparts. When the 3D screens came into view there would often be a slight pause before the action started which kind of ruins the atmosphere and suspends the sense of illusion.

The park has kids well catered for with a solid kids land and an indoor play area located in the castle and there are plenty of food options. One of the best little touches though was the benches that can be found all along the queues for the main coasters. I’ve seen this at a couple of Happy Valley parks too and It would be great to see these rolled out to more parks in the future.

Overall the park is a solid park but you can feel a bit of Fantawild’s inexperience with rides that just aren’t quite there yet. Fantawild are currently expanding like crazy so It’s possible they will improve in the future.

On the subject of th 2nd gate, It  is already well into construction and while I tried to get some sneak peaks through the fences Fantawild have sewn up the construction site pretty tight. The new park is expected to get a Gravity Group woodie before it opens but there was no sign of it yet. Mostly just the big buildings were up.

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