Cosmoworld – Trip Report – November 2013


Cosmoworld is a small amusement park located within the Berjaya Time Square shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur. The park is reasonably well known among the enthusiast community for being home to one of the largest indoor coasters in the world.

The Intamin build Supersonic Odyssey is the stand out ride here and it’s a pretty good ride experience too. The ride itself has a slow meandering first half which slowly picks up speed through a barrel roll and several turns before hitting the lift hill. After the lift the ride takes some slow turns way up in the rafters before going mental with one of the best 1-2-3 punches on any ride in the world. The first huge loops is threaded nicely by a path and is quickly followed by a snappy over bank onto the 2nd level through a flower. The ride finishes with a corkscrew and turn into the brakes. It’s a great ride for where it is and while it won’t stand up to bigger outdoor loopers it easily holds it’s own as the best indoor ride I’ve ridden so far. (Mindbender is on the list to do)

The rest of the park is split onto 2 main levels. The adult rides can be found on the lower level with a few spinning rides such as a mini topspin and condor tower while the upper level is kids rides. Including a weird train ride through a cave which is worth a go if you are in the park. However as the park operates a wristband system and it was dead on all three of my visits I recommend repeat riding Supersonic Odyssey.

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