Lihpao Land – Trip Report – November 2013


Lihpao Land is a small park in central Taiwan which calls itself home to one of the holy grail’s for coaster enthusiasts. Gravity Max is currently the worlds only Tilt Coaster and it’s been on my list of must do rides for some time.

I was staying in Taipei and the park is about 3 hours by train and bus. The park is pretty small with only two coasters and a variety of flat rides and water rides. But it is extremely well set out and designed. The park is well landscaped and set nicely around a lake.

As mentioned the main ride here Gravity Max and its a corker. The ride is surprisingly smooth for a Vekoma ride and its every bit as terrifying as it looks. No matter where you sit, the front or the back the simple fact the track disconnects in front of your eyes is unnerving. The front and the back do provide different rides. The back of the train lifts high into the air at speed while the front drops forwards. I’m not sure which i prefer but you have to ride multiple times to experience both. I do think that if this ride was at your local park you would eventually get used to the tilt and the ride would lose its terror factor. And in that respect it is a one trick pony. But if you’ve never ridden it then make plans to get down to Taiwan, you won’t regret it.

The other coaster at the park is a Vekoma roller skater and its just as you might expect. The parks river rapids is also a solid ride while the log flume will give you a proper soaking. There’s also a good selection of flat rides to keep you entertained.

While this park is actually pretty good. They don’t seem to have expanded much since they opened in 2001. It doesn’t seem to have hurt them much so far but you have to wonder how long it will last.

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