Ferrari World SFX Coaster Track Ships To Abu Dhabi.


Dynamic Attractions teased their SFX coaster concept at this years IAAPA showing off an insane mix of media, coaster sections and surprise elements. They also announced the worlds first installation will be heading to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi in 2015.

Little is known about the ride specifics but I can confirm the ride has begun shipping to Abu Dhabi from a manufacturing facility in China and the track looks like nothing you’ve seen before. Looking like a triangular version of B&M box track it is massive.

The layout can also be seen below and although it’s not 100% clear what each element is there are clearly at least 2 inversions and 2 trick track sections to look forwards to. Each of the 6 trains will hold 9 passengers. The ride will use linear synchronous motors for a maximum speed of 45 mph. There will be five separate launch sections while the indoor section will contain two large-screen 3D movie sections.



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