Intamin Topside Impulse Cars


These are some old shots but ones that I haven’t seen around on the western sites out there.  Triumph Kingdom is a park I have covered a lot over the year and one of the main new rides will be an Intamin Topside Impulse with wing rider style seats. The ride is apparently already fully built but photos are proving to be illusive. Perhaps we will see more at the IAAPA Asian Expo next week. Until then these renderings will have to do.

Source: CINCE

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    • No nothing yet. I was hoping there would be some news of this, the wingrider and/or the new Gravity Group coaster from the IAAPA asian expo. However there has been nothing on the usual Chinese sites I visit…. sigh.

    • Perhaps. I do find it odd nothing was at the IAAPA Asian Expo. Duane at the RCDB was asked to remove the Wingwalker at Ocean Kingdom from the site until after the expo as that’s when they were going to announce it… yet since the Expo I’ve found nothing online.

      None of the Chinese forums as much as mention it anymore… very odd.

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